The Earth Block

Also known as the Pressed Earth Block or Compressed Soil Block, the Compressed Earth Block is a building material that consists primarily of damp soil compressed at high pressure to form the Earth Block we know. At Earth Block International, we use a mechanical press to form blocks with the perfect mix of sand, clay, silt, water and stabilizer for your climate and elevation. Here, you will learn about the many advantages of Earth Blocks.


Superior Ingredients

Our blocks are so simple, you can count the number of ingredients with one hand. A typical CEB contains sub-soil, clay, silt, water, and a stabilizer, (typically portland or lime.) These ingredients combine to form a perfect block. The clay acts as a binder for the block, while the soil and silt are healthy, non-toxic components. Water is used to maintain some moisture within our block. Lastly, the stabilizer helps support the Earth Block's durability and shape.

Not Just Sustainable

Compressed Earth Block homes are one of the most architecturally attractive structures in the world. Browse through some of our homes to really see the detail and ingenuity that goes into an Earth Block home. Though we have the most sustainable building material out there, we also take serious pride in the aesthetics of what are blocks can do.

(Earth Block Home in Fredericksburg Texas) - By Jim Hallock


All the Advantages of CEB's

Low Maintenance

Earth Blocks are strong and durable, so they easily maintain the architectural structure of a home. CEB's simply don't need the kind of maintenance that a wood home would, for example.

Serious About "Proof"

Earth Blocks are fireproof, soundproof, bug proof, moldproof and bulletproof. We truly offer the best of the best in terms of a comfortable, and stress-free living environment.

Ultra-Low Embodied Energy

We use such a minimal amount of energy to produce our blocks. We don't need any machines, or engines to lay our blocks. All real humans. Electricity bills are ridiculously cheap.

1,000 Year Durability

Compressed Earth Blocks are fireproof, earthquake and hurricane resistant, structurally sound, and even bulletproof. This allows for our homes to last and thrive through the worst.

Operationally Low Cost

Because CEB's are so breathable, homes stay cool in the summer. And because they're so dense, homes stay warm in the winter. Depending on where you live, you may not need AC.


Our homes have regulated humidity, regulated temperature, and provide for the best breathability. No need for chemicals, or anything else. Earth Blocks are truly the healthiest.

The Process

Step 1 - Origin of Material

The soil is a sandy clay mix with the correct percentages of each is key to making a suitable block.  We use the best mix to make the best blocks.

Step 2 - Screening the Soil

The material is screened on-site to approximately 1/2” which is used for block making. Fine soil is important for the blocks to combine properly.

Step 3 - Loading the Machines

The screened material is loaded into the mixer and 6% +/- stabilizer (lime or cement) and 10% water are added. The hydrated and stabilized soil is then added to the block machine

Step 4 - Block Production

Blocks are ejected from the machine at the rate of anywhere from 100 to 200 per hour. Blocks are then loaded onto pallets which get shipped out for delivery

Finished ✓

The finished product is timeless and will last for generations, providing a safe and healthy home. Enjoy!

Are You Ready?

We are and we hope you learned a lot about what Compressed Earth Blocks have to offer. If you still need more information, we recommend utilizing our free FAQ Center. If you are seriously interested, we hope you take the time to request a quote. Our Earth Block generally cost around $3.00, but it may depend on where you live. Thank you.