“Earthen Construction is the Standard of the Past and the Hope for the Future.”

My Story

In 1970 I worked in conventional construction doing work in carpentry, concrete, drywall, and roofing. I was heavily involved with rehabilitation of real estate properties and real estate development. In that, I learned the scary truth of conventional construction, and that was the fact that the ingredients of the building were dangerous to a person’s breathing and health.
It took me 24 years of working with wood, drywall, and concrete to finally realize that I needed to get out of that business. Once I learned about earth block, and their many benefits, I started Earth Block Inc. EBI was an earth block producing company that built homes for clients. After 25 years of building with Earth, my new passion is to teach the world about earth blocks. 

My Mission

My Mission is to teach the world about all the benefits of earth building. In that process, I will teach you step by step tutorials of earthen building and starting your project. To serve the most people possible, I know that I need to teach on as many platforms as possible. Which is why I offer videos, consultations, workshops, and on-site training. Thanks for giving earth a chance, you won’t regret it.


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